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How To Reduce Your Time To Hire

How To Reduce Your Time To Hire


Recruiting and HR success in 2021 and beyond will be about understanding candidate and employee needs and crafting experiences to meet them.

Whether that’s a streamlined interview process, focusing on workplace wellbeing, or attracting the right candidates, recruiters will have to actively adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.

Often job seekers’ biggest frustrations during the hiring process include companies cancelling/postponing interviews (44%), not having enough information about job responsibilities (44%), and recruiters/hiring managers not responding in a timely manner (43%).

To guide you in the right direction, here are 8 proven ways to reduce time to hire:


Create a structure

A candidate’s recruitment journey should be easy going from start to finish, so it’s important to consider the different steps in your hiring process and how you could improve them. Set goals on how much time each stage takes and what information the candidates might need etc.

A structured hiring process prevents unnecessary challenges and reduces time to hire dramatically as you’ll know exactly what to do at each step.


Talent pool

Building a talent pool can provide expert candidates with the opportunity for future roles within your company. Being on the lookout for top talent and having a open form on your career site can reduce time to hire allowing you to recall upon past applicants whenever, wherever.


Write a clear job advert

Taking the time to write a clear job advert can ensure you attract the most relevant candidates, giving you the power to reduce your time to hire as it will discourage inappropriate candidates from applying. Try to keep it concise, engaging and outline some of the key benefits of working for you.


Create a careers website

A careers website should be an essential tool when attracting the right candidates. First impressions count and so it’s crucial your candidates needs are met whilst visiting your website. Include information about your company, values, job roles, descriptions, training courses available and career development opportunities.


Invest an a ATS system

A good quality ATS is important at each point of your recruiting process. It will help you increase efficiency and reduce time to hire by posting your ad on numerous job boards and notifying you immediately when an application comes in. It should include interview scheduling, application streamlining and sorting, talent pipeline building, assessment integrations, compliance-checking, and automation capabilities.


Stay connected

Hiring managers and teams across the globe often use many different tools during their hiring process. So it’s important to make sure each software tool works with one another if you looking to reduce your time to hire. Map the different tools you use at each stage of the hiring process and evaluate there compatibility.


Communication is key

Hiring teams can get carried away with unrealistic expectations, managers need to be clear on what their ideal candidate looks like before starting their hiring process. Collective awareness will enable you to fine-tune your sourcing process, attract the best calibre candidates, and reduce time to hire.


Employer brand

An impressive employee value proposition can go a long way when attracting the best applicants for your job vacancies. Giving candidates the opportunity to learn why they want to work there beyond your values is a vital if you wanting to reduce your time to hire.


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