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New Insights Revealed From Our Exclusive May 2020 Job Seeker Survey

Expectations Of The Current Job Seeker

Last month we ran a survey to see what prospects of a new job opportunity were valued the most, we compared this to the same survey conducted last year which provided us with an interesting insight into the expectations of a job seeker in the current economic climate.

We asked 100 employees and active job seekers from the engineering and manufacturing sector what the key deciders are when accepting new job opportunities including, increased salary, good work environment, quality of work, job security, and development.

The figures we have attained from this year’s survey in comparison to the last, show an interesting shift in the requirements of a job role which is sure to shape recruitment now and in the coming months.


Increased salary – 38%

Good working environment – 26%

Quality of work – 24%

Development – 10%

Job security – 2%


For 2019 you can see increased salary, good working environment and the quality of work were the key components to job satisfaction as development and job security showed to be less significant. Often quality of work can be underestimated, especially within the engineering sector as engineers want interesting and challenging work.



Increased salary – 32%

Good work environment – 23%

Job security – 21%

Quality of work – 15%

Development – 9%

However, although the 2020 figures continue to see salary and work environment at the top of our list, job security saw a massive 19% increase with development now being of the lowest priority.

As the current circumstances have created a level of uncertainty around the security of people’s jobs, it is understandable why this has seen a massive increase in importance.

Employers looking to hire in the coming months should stress the security of the role during the hiring process and provide confidence to a potential employee which will also further stregthen confidence in their respective market.

But despite the current circumstances shining a light on the importance of salary and job security, these figures truly show the lasting importance of a good working environment as it continues to be extremely important for employees. Safety of the working environment is also very important, and this becomes apparent when discussing requirements with employees and active job seekers.


Factors To Consider

Although development takes the lowest priority, those who took part in the survey do expect development or progression to be included in an opportunity even if not their top priority. Prospects can often lead to a job seeker favouring an opportunity over other job offers.

Shift patterns is a requirement which has not been included in this survey. However for engineers who are required to work shifts, these patterns will have an important bearing on whether or not a job is sutiable.

It will be interesting to see how these figures play out as the employment market adapts, there is no disputing that each one of these factors is still very much valued in their own rights.

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