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Six Signs You Might Need to Change Jobs

Signs to Change Jobs

Are you not being given the opportunity to progress? No longer feeling challenged? Or perhaps you’re just ready for a new pursuit. Whatever your reason may be to move on, spotting these six signs is an indicator that it's time.


Feeling a Lack of Compatibility 

The excitement we get from starting a new job is great. The change can leave us feeling motivated, foreseeing lots of new opportunities or even a sense of honour to be a part of that organisation. But the reality is, this can often wear off, perhaps naturally or because of other reasons. And if you manage to keep a hold of it, well, lucky you!

Becoming a part of an organisation allows us to see it for what it really is, a picture you would never have painted as an outsider. Maybe the culture isn’t living up to what it was cracked up to be, management is not as dynamic as once thought or even the commercial goals of the business far beyond what you believe in. 

Not feeling a sense of belonging, compatibility, or a match in values can be as strong determinator to seek other opportunities. 


Feeling Stressed

We all go through periods where we feel deflated it’s normal, but if you’re finding it considerably harder to get up in the morning, getting easily irritated or finding the simplest tasks hard to do, it might be a sign, especially if you have been feeling this way for a long time.

It’s important to spot when we are feeling stressed. This can have a massive effect not only on our work performance but more importantly, our physical and mental wellbeing. From keeping us up at night, affecting our immune system, to preventing us from leaving the house, this level of stress can impact everyone in different ways, but ways that can significantly disrupt our day-to-day lives.

You need to consider if work is a contributing factor and whether making a change in this part of your life would help. Before making any drastic decisions, take some time off for yourself and explore your options so you can be sure to make the right decision, whatever that may be.


Feeling a Lack of Passion for the Job

Being excited by work, willing to work extra and wanting to take up new responsibilities are all signs of a positive work-life. Struggling to get up in the morning, clock watching and doing the minimum amount of work possible are all signs when it’s not.

Although your job isn’t going to be sunshine and rainbows all the time, it’s normal to want to feel enthusiastic about it. Reigniting that passion is important. Try to understand why it might not be there if it once was. Maybe the people who you work with has changed, you’re no longer feeling challenged or not able to fulfil your development the way you had hoped. Whatever it may be, this is another reason to consider exploring more opportunities.


Your Priorities Have Changed

Sometimes our careers take us down a path we realise isn’t for us, especially, as our motives in life shift. The career you might have been pursuing for years can suddenly fail to meet your new ideal, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps the role doesn’t offer you enough work-life balance, no longer meets your interests or the skills you’d like to explore.

Although it may not always be possible to find a job that ticks all the boxes, it’s important to ensure it ticks the essential ones. After all, finding a job that we love and interests us means that we are far more likely to enjoy it, and when for most, work is a big part of our lives, you can’t just settle in that department. 


Not Feeling Valued

Are you always overlooked for that promotion? Your opinions pushed aside? Or not given the credit you deserve? Whether it’s a management issue or the relationships you have with your team, when it’s not as collaborative as it should be, it can leave us feeling undervalued.

Your environment needs to be friendly and encouraging, and when we have done everything in our power to improve the dynamics, it can have us questioning our purpose. If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with exploring new opportunities. After all, a simple thank you for your hard work is not expecting too much. Whether that be verbal or professional gesture.


You’re Ready for a New Challenge

You may love the company and your colleagues equally, but when we have outgrown a position, this loyalty can hold us back from exploring the wider market.

Having built your skills, knowledge, and experience, it’s right that you look for new challenges to apply them, especially when the company you’re currently with cannot provide them. How else are you going to grow? Not pushing yourself of your comfort zone will only present further challenges long-term. Perhaps, even one of the points mentioned above.


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