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Staying Healthy Whilst Working Remotely

Are You Staying Healthy While Working From Home?

Working remotely can be difficult. Especially if you are used to working in small teams or large busy offices. 

A survey from reported that 28% suffered from loneliness and anxiety by the separation of colleagues when working remotely or from home.

There are many factors to take into consideration to ensure our own mental and physical wellbeing when making the switch in the way we work. The novelty can soon wear off...

Below are some tips to ensure you work productively whilst looking after your own physical and mental wellbeing.

Mental Health

Stay connected - It can be easy to become disconnected when working alone. Call friends or colleagues when required, conduct video meetings or video calls and stay connected with the world.

Routine - It is important to follow routine and structure for our own mental health. Ensure that you get dressed ready for work in the morning, take breaks when required and get plenty of fresh air. 

Awareness - The change in the way you work may affect you. By simply being aware of the change you will be able to react accordingly if required. 

Organisation - By keeping organised and ensuring your place of work is clear and organised, it will help you to keep perspective and a clear mind.

Avoid information overload - When working remotely or from home there can be a tendency to check social media too often. Whilst it is important to stay connected, ensure that you remain productive by being disciplined and to not take in too much information of this type in a limited period of time.

Physical Health

Food - Ensure that you eat healthy snacks in small portions and often. This will aid your productivity rather than hinder it by eating sugary sweets and unhealthy snacks.

Exercise - Keep exercising. Whether this is at home with your own program, walking or running whilst safe to do so.

Stretching - Stretching is often underestimated and is a key part of our physical wellbeing. Ensure that you are stretching regularly especially if sitting for lengthy periods of time. Why not try and incorporate this into your breaks?

Drink Water - Be careful of drinking too much coffee and tea as sometimes is the temptation. Remember to drink your daily water intake requirement as this will help your mental wellbeing as well as physical. 

Sleep - Ensure that you are getting plenty of sleep and keeping in your routine of sleeping patterns.

By ensuring that you look after your own wellbeing, you will be well placed to adapt to the change of working remotely and work to your full potential.

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