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The Unexpected Qualities Of An Engineer

The Unexpected Qualities Of An Engineer


Engineering covers an array of specialisms, yet all engineers, no matter what the industry develop over time amazing and complex skills such as problem-solving, logistics and analytical thinking. Many of these traits tend to be labelled as “soft skills,” but they are fundamental for those who want to move into higher positions as engineers

While these attributes are also common in many other professions, there are unexpected qualities of engineers - some of which might surprise you!


Emotional intelligence

Empathy is vital to be able to engage with those who will be impacted by your work, whether those are the members of your team or your clients and end-users.



Often being mistaken for problem-solving, being able to think outside the box and approach old challenges in a new way is the definition of being creative.



Staying curious and learning new skills is the difference between an innovative engineer with staying power and someone who is merely executing their duties.



Being able to be flexible in difficult situations is a crucial skill, handling the unexpected and managing crises can be one of the most important factors in becoming an engineer.



Communicating effectively with your leadership is imperative, but active listening can help each member of your team be more motivated and empowered, knowing that their manager cares about their day-to-day successes and long-term goals.


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