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At Source Talent our mission is to make recruitment simple. Whether that’s finding your perfect candidate or the next career move that’ll help you realise your potential. The whole process feels effortless with Source Talent. What’s our big secret? Professionalism and process. This means having in-depth knowledge of your discipline and your industry, keeping our promises and treating everyone with respect.

This expertise is supported with a process, culture and attitude that just delivers. Like properly managing the recruitment cycle for both employer and candidate. At Source Talent, we’re rigorous about process. It just happens exactly as it’s supposed to. That includes being open and transparent throughout so that we all get there faster. To us, that’s being professional.

Source Talent’s specialist weighing sector provides best-in-class recruitment for contract and permanent recruitment within the weighing industry across the following categories:

  • Field engineering
  • Workshop engineering
  • Software support
  • Business services
  • Office Support

We work in partnership with our national and global client base, to ensure that we can provide a unique and professional level of service within the sector.

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that we identify your requirements or genuinely help you take your next career step within the sector or recruit simply for a candidate to suit your business.

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